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He officially started the olive mill in 1928. Everything was manual. As a small farmer, he owned some 2000 olive trees. In October and November of every year, he gathered his family and friends to help pick the olives. It was a festival where everyone sang, danced and ate good food.

Having rocked into these festivities and in the passionate olive-farmer life, Ibrahim took over his father's business in the 1940s. He faithfully carried on the tradition, amorously making sumptuous olive oil from this historic fruit.

Born and raised with olive oil, Mr Loued bathed into this agricultural, raw, and genuinely passionate way of life. He grew up knowing the ins and outs of it all. After his father passed away, he decided to perpetuate his legacy and pursue what he is most passionate about; olive oil.

Huilerie Loued Old family portrait
Hadj Hmed: Father of Abdessalem Loued Senior
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