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Our world-class laboratory specializes in analyzing all types of olive oils and olive pomace oils. Owning the latest equipment technology, our laboratory enables the classification of the different types of olive oils. It also enables us to carefully test and select the quality of our oils at every step of the production process.

Tests include:

Fatty acids composition . Sterol composition . Wax content . Theoretical / Practical ECN42 . Stigmastadienes (ppm) . Sensory analysis . Pesticides . Acidity as oleic acid % . Peroxide index (meq O2/Kg) . Spectrophotometry K232 . Spectrophotometry K270 . Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Delta K Spectrophotometry . Water and volatile matter content at 105°C ( % m/m) . Halogenated solvent content . Phthalates . B Carotene . Chlorophylls


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